Мумията малко преди да бъде премахната


A mummy installation was erected briefly at the site of the destroyed mausoleum of Georgi Dimitrov on Saturday morning in Sofia.


The provocative action was of the sculptor Andrey Vrabchev on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the multi-thousand rally on December 14, 1989, which called for the removal of the first article of the Constitution for the leading role of the Bulgarian Communist Party in the state.The mummy's idea was to remind that "communism did not die but was mummified in us," Vrabchev himself explained."In spite of the passage of time and all the changes, orders and social deformities of communism have been maintained.As soon as the mummy was placed in front of the National Art Gallery, police officers appeared on the scene. 
The installation was later removed because it was not authorized by the Sofia Municipality.
In Bulgaria, this is a natural reaction, as all senior positions are occupied by Russophiles and Communists.


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