By War History Online

Seventy-one years ago, a young soldier left his World War II ambulance in a vehicle “graveyard”and returned to his home state of Wisconsin.Thomas Grasser thought he had said his final goodbye to the ambulance he drove so many years ago when he left it in a German vehicle graveyard and returned home at the end of the war.




Still Not Welcome in Texas to This Day, The Controversial Career of US General Mark W. Clark

By Jeff Edwards


Granted, many in modern Texas may have never heard of General Mark W. Clark, also known as General Marcus Aurelius Clarkus by his subordinates.  But for a period after World War 2, the State of Texas wanted nothing to do with the youngest man to be promoted to Lieutenant General in World War 2.




The Underground Airbase Slatina You’ve Never Heard Off!

By Edin Hardaus


Yugoslavia had about forty objects of strategic importance, including several underground airports which were the largest military secret. Nearly $90 billion have been spent for the construction of these objects. Željava was the most expensive and the largest underground airport in the former Yugoslavia.


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