Venezuela’s Socialism Has Triggered Looting Instead of Shopping

Periódico Venezolano


Lootings are becoming a common occurrence in Venezuela, as the country’s food shortage resulted in yet another reported incident of violence in a supermarket — this time in the Luvebras Automarket located in the La Florida Province of Caracas.



Interview: Zhanna Nemtsova


Russian writer Boris Akunin talks with DW reporter Zhanna Nemtsova about what would happen if a democrat were to suddenly take power in Russia, and why he chose to leave his homeland.


China Will Probably Implode


In July of 2001, Gordon Chang predicted an inevitable meltdown of the Chinese Communist Party in his best-selling book The Coming Collapse of China. Since then, China’s economy has increased by more than eightfold, to surpass even the United States on a purchasing parity power basis. Oops?


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